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Offshore bank license

Offshore bank license

Offshore license - a guarantor of stability and security in the banking sector. Reliable access to the largest offshore jurisdictions

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Types of offshore banking licenses

Allows to provide banking services both at the place of registration and abroad. Activities are mainly limited to providing services to non-residents. This type of bank is established to provide commercial banking services offshore.
Restricts the territorial activity of the bank, allowing it to provide services only to the persons stipulated by the banking license. Such a bank is used as a corporate bank to manage a company's cash flows.

An offshore bank license is an ideal tool for

  • 01
    Tax Planning
    • 02
      Enhancing the image of a group of companies or holding company
      • 03
        Active cash flow management
        • 04
          Facilitating access to banking information on business partners and competitors
          • 05
            Facilitating access to financial markets
            • 06
              More progressive financing of the activities of the holding company or financial group
              • 07
                Opening confidential and flexible bank accounts
                • 08
                  Provision of loans and borrowings

                  Advantages of an offshore banking license

                  • Exemption from taxation. Including withholding taxes, stamp duties, fees, taxes for issuing and accepting checks, etc.
                    • Anonymity. The interests of financial institutions are protected by the rules governing bank secrecy
                      • Tax incentives. Host countries tax income derived from the international activities of qualified banks at a low or no tax rate
                        • Minimal administrative requirements. It is often sufficient to have extensive experience in the field or solid banking references, as well as a business plan that will convince the regulator that your actions are ethical
                          • Flexibility. Offshore banks are free to allocate their resources according to their own preferences and strategies
                            • Advanced e-banking methods. A significant portion of offshore banks provide the latest account management methods available to any customer 24/7

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                              Personal Data Processing Policy

                              Requirements to an applicant for a banking license

                              • 01
                                Information on the name of the bank and its organizational and legal form
                                • 02
                                  Names and biographical data of the bank's executives
                                  • 03
                                    Certificates of absence of criminal records of applicants and directors
                                    • 04
                                      Bank and business references (reference letter)
                                      • 05
                                        Identification (verification) of bank shareholders
                                        • 06
                                          Determination of the type of bank shares issued
                                          • 07
                                            Information on the nominal value of issued shares of the bank and type of currency used
                                            • 08
                                              Information on the bank's capital structure and capital adequacy
                                              • 09
                                                Information on the bank's capital reserves
                                                • 10
                                                  Information on what resources will be used to invest in the bank
                                                  • 11
                                                    A document confirming payment of all taxes, stamp duty and royalties
                                                    • 12
                                                      Identification details of the registered office in the host country
                                                      • 13
                                                        Identification details of the registered agent or representative (if required)
                                                        • 14
                                                          Identification details of the auditor and lawyer with a registered office in the host country
                                                          • 15
                                                            Information on the type of anticipated services to be provided
                                                            • 16
                                                              Information on the territorial range of the bank's activity
                                                              • 17
                                                                Information on how to protect the company from fraudulent or criminal attacks
                                                                • 18
                                                                  Bank's business plan (period from 3 to 10 years)
                                                                  • 19
                                                                    Information on the benefits to the host country from the bank's activities
                                                                    • 20
                                                                      Signed and submitted applications for a banking license

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