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Obtaining certificates and other documents on foreign companies

Obtaining certificates and other documents on foreign companies

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We assist with the following documents

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    Certificate of Good Standing
    • 02
      Certificate of Incumbency
      • 03
        Certificate of Incorporation
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          Extract from the commercial register

          Certificate of Good Standing

          An official document issued by the commercial registry of the country of incorporation that confirms that your company is in good standing, exists continuously, fulfills all mandatory requirements and is not in the process of administrative striking off / liquidation.
          The certificate confirms that the company is on the registry. In some countries, you can also provide additional information about the company, including company details:
          • Director - name, date of birth, address
          • Secretaries - name, address
          • Legal address of the office
          • Activity codes (entrepreneurial activity)
          • Any other data that appears in public records

          Certificate of Incumbency

          An official document that is issued by the registered agent of a company and includes information of a registration nature: reputation, company structure, absence of actions to liquidate the activities of the organization, etc.
          This certificate displays the following information:
          • Company name
          • Company number
          • Place of registration
          • Date of registration
          • Confirmation that the company has a good reputation
          • Address of the registered office
          • Names of directors
          • Names of shareholders
          • The names of the secretaries
          • Date of filing of the annual report
          • Signature of registered agent

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          Certificate of Incorporation

          The Certificate of incorporation is a kind of birth certificate for every company. It confirms when the company was entered in the commercial register. It contains the name of the company, the date of incorporation and the company number. A limited liability company acquires legal capacity upon issuance of the Certificate of Incorporation, so from this date, effective legal transactions can be carried out on behalf of the company.

            Extract from the commercial register

            Extract from the commercial register is an official corporate document reflecting basic information about a legal entity. It contains the registration number, legal name, share capital, date and place of registration, address of the registered office, legal form, trade name, list of registered activities, correspondence address, information about the director of the company, indicates the status of the company.
            If the Certificate will not be used in the country of incorporation of the company, it is recommended that an apostille be affixed. An apostille is a form of authentication that is applied to a certificate so that it can be used in other Hague Convention member countries. The receiving party (this can be a bank, individual, commercial or governmental body) must accept the document because an official apostille is affixed to the certificate. This will allow your documents to be used in other countries without the need to provide additional proof.

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