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Consulting in the sphere of business organization abroad

Consulting in the sphere of business organization abroad

We create clear and efficient corporate structures, giving you the freedom for more important tasks. Our specialists provide a wide range of consulting services in the field of business organization a

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We provide services in the area of

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    Creating a corporate structure.
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        Tax Counseling.
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          Human Resource Management.
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            Business counseling.
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              Full, scalable and minimal outsourcing.

              Creation of a corporate structure

              We can help you register a legal entity whether you are a sole trader, a start-up business, a medium-sized business or a multinational company.
              • Customize accounting to ensure transparency and accuracy of financial data.
              • Maintain accounting department with preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual financial reports.
              • Budgeting and financial planning to optimize costs.
              • Preparation of VAT returns and property accounting.
              • Ability to do bookkeeping in the client's office for maximum convenience

              Tax consultations

              • Legitimate optimization of tax liabilities.
                • Preparation of tax returns for individuals and legal entities.
                  • Representation and negotiation with tax authorities to protect your interests.
                    • Accounting for withholding taxes to comply with the law.

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                      Human Resource Management

                      • Payroll accounting and payroll calculations for your staff.
                        • Representation with social security companies.
                          • Prepare income tax returns and provide wage statements and social security applications.

                            Business advice

                            • Support in establishing company fundamentals and developing business plans.
                              • Organizational consulting and business process optimization.
                                • Web marketing consultancy to successfully promote your business.
                                  • Financial and investment planning to optimize financial resources.

                                    Full, scalable and minimal outsourcing

                                    • Full accounting outsourcing: we take care of all aspects of financial accounting so you can focus on your business.
                                      • Scalable outsourcing that allows you to manage your credentials through your IT platform, saving resources.
                                        • Minimal outsourcing: provide support and advice in keeping records on your own system.

                                          Our values

                                          • Principles, growth and respect are our core values upon which our collaboration is built.
                                            • We strive for long-term and trustworthy relationships with our clients, always focusing on their successful outcomes and performance.

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