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Accounting and audit

The services of professional accountants and auditors in the chosen jurisdiction will save you time and money by minimizing all risks

Focus on business processes,

and we'll take care of dealing with the authorities.

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Advantages of working with Business Consult Alliance

  • Instead of one employee, you get an entire team of professionals.
    • Accounting and tax records are maintained in accordance with the latest rules and guidelines of the country of incorporation.
      • Legislative changes are monitored in real time.
        • Our team knows how to optimize and minimize taxes and fees.

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          Accounting and financial reporting services

          • Perform all accounting and financial reporting duties in accordance with IFRS, viz:
            • 01
            • 02
              Cash management and payment of vendor invoices.
            • 03
              Management accounting and management information systems.
            • 04
              Budgeting, variance analysis and cash flow forecasting.
            • 05
              Financial statement preparation, audit support and liaison.
            • 06
              Outsourcing of CFO / Financial Controller functions.
            • 07
              Monitoring of financial regulatory capital.
            • 08
              Stock option and company valuation.
            • 09
              Help with business plans.
            • 10
              Financial Due Diligence.
            • 11
              Procurement and implementation of financial systems.
            • 12
              Operational control and financial management.
            • 13
              Advice on a customized financial database and reporting system.
            • 14
              Technical advice and transition to IFRS from local GAAP.
          • Specially for the UK:
            • 01
              FCA Financial Statements
            • 02
              ICAAP preparation and updates
          • Especially for the United States:
            • 01
              CPA accounting services
            • 02
              Implementation of GAAP standard
            • 03
              Forensic accounting
          The service does not require your mandatory presence.
          Document circulation can be carried out under the scheme of remote service.

          BCA will help you do business abroad correctly

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          5 languages
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