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Account for individuals and obtaining a foreign bank card

Account for individuals and obtaining a foreign bank card

An international account is a guarantee to protect your funds from inflation, sanctions and other risks. Our experts will accompany you at every stage, helping you to choose a bank, collect documents

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Advantages of opening an international account

  • Global accessibility. A foreign bank account allows you to manage your finances from anywhere in the world without being physically present in the country where the account was opened
    • Diversity of currencies. International accounts allow you to hold funds in different currencies, facilitating transactions and reducing risks in the foreign exchange market
      • Plastic cards of foreign banks. A foreign bank card allows you to make payments / withdraw cash in different countries, reducing fees and simplifying travel

        Process of opening an account for an individual in a foreign bank

        • 01
          Selecting a bank. Choose the bank and country where you would like to open an account. The decision depends on your needs and country of residence
        • 02
          Collection of documents. It is necessary to provide a passport and proof of residence address (not older than 3 months). However, the bank may request other documents
        • 03
          Account opening. Our specialists will process the documents and help you open an account in the chosen bank
        • 04
          Obtaining a card. After opening an account, you can get a foreign bank card linked to your account
        If you are a tax resident of the Russian Federation, you must notify the Federal Tax Service of the opening of an account in a foreign bank.

        Notification of opening an account abroad may NOT be sent if

        • 01
          You are no longer a resident of the Russian Federation due to residence in another country (more than a year), or you have a residence permit / student or work visa with a validity period of at least a year
          • 02
            You have opened an account in a foreign branch of a Russian bank
            • 03
              You have opened an account in a country with which an agreement on the exchange of tax information has been concluded and the turnover of the account does not exceed 600,000 roubles

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